What is included in the monthly HOA management fee?

 The  following is a sample of standard items that can be included.  We do  understand some Associations will require all of the items below as well  as some only requiring a few. Please contact us for your Association customized quote 


Additional Information


  • Copies
  • Storage
  • Faxes
  •  Envelopes
  •  Shredding
  •  Homeowner Billing    
  •  Restriction / Deed Enforcement
  •  Photos
  •  Annual Meeting
  •  Board Meetings
  •  County, State and Federal Filings
  •  Community Maintenance
  •  Collections          
  •  Homeowner’s Records
  •  Pool Cards
  •  Holiday Decorations
  •  Web Site Maintenance
  •  Homeowner Portal Access​
  •  Board Members Portal Access